Women that choose to challenge!

Women that choose to challenge!

March 8, 2021

daftarkhwan opened its door in 2016 with a vision of supporting entrepreneurs in their entrepreneurial journeys. With saying that we had always envisioned to facilitate the superwomen of our country by providing them with #morethanjustanoffice where they could grow without any unnecessary obstacles. Women as we call them: brave, resilient, ambitious, and talented are capable of achieving anything in this world.

This women’s day we have been fortunate to highlight our superwomen: a core function of our supercommunity who also happen to be the founders of some of the most phenomenal startups that are doing exceptionally well in their area of interest.

Saba Gul, the founder of SGH is one of our oldest supercommunity members and Saba loves what she does. SGH is a hub for organic products and provides natural, unadulterated health and wellness products that make it easier for people to live as organically as they can. This is your time to buy a gluten and cholesterol free almond butter from SGH.

Lalah Rukh is the CEO of Science Fuse — a platform which is providing science education to the students aged 8–12 years! At Science Fuse, Lalah knows how to design fun and interactive programs for junior scientists. The startup has inspired 35,000 + students, 500 + teachers and reached 200 + schools. If you’re looking for fun activities for your children this summer, you need to sign up for their summer courses.

Kalsoom Lakhani and Misbah Naqvi are the Co — Founder & General Partner at i2i ventures. This is Pakistan’s first female — led fund that provides support to the entrepreneurs through its accelerator programs. The venture was founded in 2011 and through its programs, 47 startups have raised $7.5 million and created over 2000 jobs since 2012. You never know it might be your startup to raise $$$$$ from i2i.

Aamnah Akram is a young entrepreneur, founder of 29 concepts. At 29 concepts, Aamnah believes in providing high quality, all in one technological solutions to the organizations including software development and designing. If you’re looking for some tech expert — 29 concepts is the way to go about it.

Sana Ahmed is the Co — founder of Photographire — a platform that gives a chance to freelance photographers to showcase their talent. Sana along with Fraz created her brand studio back in 2016 and since then has been on a roll. If you’re looking for a photographer for your wedding, Photographire has got you covered!

Amnah Maqsood is the CEO of body by butter — a food delivery business that provides scrumptious low carb and keto meals across Pakistan. Amna started her venture back in 2018 and within a short span of time, the startup has won the hearts of Pakistanis across the nation and gained presence with their stellar expertise. You need to try out their gluten free desserts if you still haven’t.

Scaryammi is the brainchild of Ayesha Nasir, the woman behind this fastest growing and largest mothering community which provides learning, guidance, support and e-commerce for all the mothers.

This year’s theme “Choose to Challenge” for us means standing up against gender biasness and supporting the female entrepreneurs. According to a report by The International Labour Organization (ILO), women on average are paid 20% less than men across the world. This women’s day, let’s hope the gender pay gap reduces, the disparity between men and women mitigates, let’s hope things change for the better and strongly believe that better times are yet to come.

The women of today never cease to surprise us with their unlimited, unbounded and unquantifiable amount of positive energy. More power to all the women around the globe. May you all keep shining the way you do — Happy Women’s Day!


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