The Wonderwomen of Pakistan — Episode 2

The Wonderwomen of Pakistan — Episode 2

March 6, 2021

To AimFit, community lies at the core of their mission for a healthier Pakistan.

Fitness is certainly becoming a priority for an increasing number of Pakistanis. More and more people are joining different health & fitness clubs to get fit, shed weight or both! We hosted Mahlaqa Shaukat (Co-founder & CEO of AimFit) for an engaging chat on daftarkhwan fireside.

Speaking to our coworking community, she said, “We are totally connected with our community and our support for your fitness journey extends beyond our studio it doesn’t end with the class. At AimFit we are focused on revolutionising fitness industry in Pakistan and would like to see people taking more care of their mental and physical well being.”

During our fireside chat Mahlaqa took us back in 2014 when the idea of AimFit was conceived by her and her co-founder Noor during their early morning training sessions while still studying at Oxford. Upon their return to Pakistan in the summer of 2014, they realized that there were no community-based fitness programs that people could subscribe to in the country so this pushed them to start AimFit with prime objective of educating clients about fitness.

The response they received was overwhelming! Over time, AimFit honed in on its mission to empower women in Pakistan physicallymentally & emotionally. With that focus in mind, AimFit has tailored programs that suit women of all ages, and all walks of life. Their mission drives them to focus very closely on the fitness programs they engineer and to stay up to date with the latest wellness trends as well as medical research. Not only that, AimFit also looks to educate their community about fitness to the extent that they may influence others to get started on the path to health & wellness.

She reiterates that AimFit may well be considered as more of an institute rather than a gym or a training center as their management strives and ensures that viable administration is conveyed by qualified experts, quality is controlled and an unforgettable experience is offered to all “AimFitters”.

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