Success is simply found inside

Success is simply found inside

February 10, 2021

Insurance in general is one of the most underrated and misunderstood concepts around us, from the mechanics of how it works to its actual value, its most often alien to many. However, we received the opportunity to receive valuable insights from a highly intelligent overseas personality who restructured the meaning of insurance across the united states and north America which has greatly added value to the face of Pakistan. since the late 80’s and early 90’s Jeewanjee has been deeply entrenched in the insurance sector and has generated value in millions across the board in the United states. With a specialization in travel insurance, Jeewanjee has greatly added unquantifiable value to ecosystems by enabling new chapters such as “The Indus Foundation” along with many more.

As Jeewanjee mentioned during the Fireside, he was always lucky and always got whatever he needed in life exactly 3 days before he needed it. However, The real action began when Jeewanjee designed a product primarily because he needed medical care for his  son in the United states who suffered from exactly the same medical issue as his daughter who passed away. He spoke about how “Success should never be the basis of how much money one makes but in fact how many problems will we solve from whatever vision we move towards.”

Most importantly, it isn’t as simple as the need, it’s the amount of people who need it because we always create something that is most often a need, a want is never as important as a need. In order to understand the complexity of a need, we must identify the pain involved to access this need. If there is a lot of pain to access a need, there is our work. Jeewanjee focused on one of the most important terms we often take for granted “do not discount quality” the same thing parallels the concept of how we utilize our time. It isn’t the amount of time we invest in something but more over the quality of time we invest in something.

In light of new beginnings and starting something Jeewanjee inspired us by highlighting that “Once a job begun, leave it not till it’s done, no matter how big or small, do it well or don’t do it at all” furthermore, memorizing things is of no use, dive into things and question them, and try to assess “what have I learnt today?” there are generally no shortcuts in life therefore, Short changing anything in general reduces the quality of it and should be avoided at all costs. “Show up and work, work hard like hell!”

What makes Jeewanjee different is what he did differently from others and in most cases always worked for him. Although genetically he feels like he was born with a very strong entrepreneurial sense, he shared something of significant value which is the magic most often starts with us, the majority of mankind is holistically unaware of it. You can be sitting in any part of the world and still be mediocre, success comes from within and starts with you. Be willing to give your time, money and knowledge to anyone without any expectation or getting anything in return. Once you impart that generous investment your life will never be the same again.

Jeewanjee further enlightened us with the art of giving. We have to focus on being givers first as a nation so nothing holds us back. Pakistan’s youth comprises 120 million entities who we cannot hold back, we can only imagine what this holds for us. If only all these entities would sit and question themselves often and ask themselves ‘what is wrong with me” that in most cases is the gateway for very bold beginnings. Self-reflection is key in this whole process and without it there is no door. Selfishness holistically doesn’t get us very far so it is always wise when beginning something to see how it benefits everyone and not just one’s self. The ego state always says ‘me’ and focuses on everything centered around selfishness, victimization and we need to break out of it in order to do better.

In a nutshell it is imperative to “Focus on doing right, speak the truth, not sometimes, not mostly but always! Work hard not part of the week, but all the time” he left us with some highly valuable words for self-reflection: “Underprice yourself for what the value is not overprice yourself to what the world is going to give you” lastly, the spirit of giving is a very undervalued fundamental which needs to be taken in practice not once but every day for success to really shine bright. 

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