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Your top candidate is only a click away with our intelligent shortlisting system

Tired of sifting through hundreds of CVs to shortlist candidates for interviews? With dozens of different attributes that are tailored to your specific requirements, you can shortlist the most capable candidates within seconds.

Our AI-Driven assessment will give you instant results of the most compatible candidates, based on the job role

Recruitment Bot’s AI instantly skims through thousands of profiles and ranks candidates based on their compatibility with your specified job requirements within seconds.

Spend more facetime with only the best candidates

Save time by shortlisting only those candidates for an interview who are the right fit for the job, so you can thoroughly assess them based on their ranking and individual profile.

How it works


Step 1

Meet up with our team and share the description of the role you’re currently hiring for


Step 2

Your candidates can apply through your website and take the career compatibility assessment


Step 3

Our experts will feed it into our AI driven service and make a career page ready for use


Step 4

Your HR can view their compatibility results &  records to shortlist candidates in under a minute

“daftarkhwan is motley a crew of rockstars who are on a mission to help other startups around them build & grow their business. The mission is to deliver everything entrepreneurs and innovators would need to create seismic shifts in whatever fields they’re working in. With the youthful idealism and grit of the all-star daftarkhwan team, we have moved mountains – and will continue to move many more.”

Recruitment Bot brings the much-needed firepower that would help our community in finding the right talent to realize their global ambitions.”

Saad Idrees, CEO & Co-Founder, daftarkhwan

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