productivity during Ramzan!

productivity during Ramzan!

April 15, 2021

Ramzan 2021 is here, and we are currently facing a series of struggles in order to accommodate ourselves to the new normal. The essence of this month is to care for others especially people who need help & is a guide to practice patience, discipline and punctuality.

It should be taken as an opportunity to develop self-discipline and follow some healthy tips to stay active and productive —

Plan your days

The month of Ramzan resets one’s daily schedule; it could be work, exercise or any daily task. It is essential to ensure that the goals however small should be on a calendar, achieving them can actually help understand the process.

Having a set plan or routine can help take ones mind off from food and lethargy. Furthermore it can help one become more focused on their tasks.

When you are planning your days don’t forget to organize your meetings according to your productive hours. Experts say it’s better to avoid organizing meetings before afternoon as energy levels significantly drop during this time.

Health tips

During this month people generally tend to ignore healthy eating and normally eat more than any other month. Health should be put on high priority as a balanced diet will lead to a healthy and productive individual.

Stay Hydrated

Not everyone focuses on the hydration throughout the year because they know they can drink water whenever they want to but in the month of Ramzan, there are restrictions to drink water during fasting so it is important that one stays hydrated.

“Make sure to drink a minimum of ten glasses of water from Iftar till sehri” — World Health Organization

In order to stay hydrated, adding soup, green vegetables and fruits such as watermelon is a good idea. Furthermore, according to some nutritionists drinking water first can prevent overheating.

Eat Smart

Due to cultural norms and traditions associated with Ramzan, there is a peak in social interactions throughout this month. People get together for Sehri or Iftar and many people dine out. Over-indulging in both meals can cause weight gain and with COVID-19 on the rise, one should avoid large gatherings altogether.

Eating smart should be the key. Stay healthy, active and productive during this month. There are certain guidelines mentioned by the World Health Organization regarding the dos and don’ts in terms of food intake —

  • eating three dates to break your fast is a traditional and healthy way to begin Iftar. dates are an excellent source of fiber
  • incorporate plenty of vegetables to provide vital vitamins and nutrients
  • choose whole grains, which provide the body with energy and fiber
  • enjoy grilled or baked lean meat, skinless chicken and fish, to get a good portion of healthy protein
  • avoid fried and processed foods high in fat or sugar
  • enjoy your meal and avoid overeating by eating slowly
  • avoid too many sweets after your Iftar meal. sweets are commonly eaten during Ramzan contain large amounts of sugar syrup. the recommended sweet for consumption is cold water-containing fruit, such as watermelon/melon or any other seasonal fruit, such as peach or nectarine
  • you should try to limit the consumption of foods rich in fat, especially fatty meats, foods made with puff pastry, or pastry with added fat/margarine or butter.
  • rather than frying, it is recommended to use other methods of cooking, such as steaming, cooking in sauce, stir-frying in a small amount of oil and baking
  • avoid foods containing large amounts of salt, e.g. processed and salted meat and fish products, olives and pickles, snack foods, salty cheeses, various types of ready-made crackers, salads, spreads and sauces (such as mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup)

Exercise pre-Iftar

Most people in their normal routine are married to their fitness plans. In the month of Ramzan finding the right time for physical exercise is tough, especially with a busy work schedule.

So what can be done?

Although it may be a tiring month, Ontario-based nutritionist Anar Allidina says it’s important they make time for exercise. The best time to exercise in Ramzan is right before sunset, according to Allidina.

“You can push yourself a little more knowing that you’re going to break your fast soon.”

Lastly, don’t forget that Ramazan is a month that promotes the concept of giving and sharing with others. This month as a community we should highlight endeavors made by individuals or groups to propagate this message and inspire others.

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