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daftarkhwan works with commercial real estate landlords to design, build & operate an infrastructure that allows the landlords to manage a diverse pool of tenants under their roof through a single point of contact – daftarkhwan

Expect from us to

Design & build the most beautiful and functional spaces

Our spaces are designed and crafted with basic fundamentals to bring in all kinds of people together allowing us to host a start up in the initial phase of their businesses to the multinational corporations.

Expand within the property

We have filled up spaces within 3 months of the launch generating more demand for the property. Startups in hyper growth and departments with an annual plan have opted to take up our spaces due to flexibility offered. The growth is directly proportional to the increasing demand for the landlord.

Significant space – long-term commitment

We prefer to take up large spaces in commercial properties and offer long-term commitments to property owners so as to be able to mitigate their risk and develop fruitful, functional relationships with the management of every property we operate in.

Attract the most diverse audience

With daftarkhwan, we attract clients that range from multi-billion dollar MNCs to cutting edge startups to individual freelance professionals and everything in the middle. With such diversity, we transitively add value to the portfolio of the property making it easier to attract a wider range of tenants.

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