coworking through the pandemic

coworking through the pandemic

July 6, 2021

According to a report by Research and Markets, the coworking industry has globally seen a 50% reduction in footfalls since the advent of Covid-19. In the midst of lockdowns and social distancing, a majority of the workforce has taken to working from home. Coworking spaces, bursting with community, forged by having different entrepreneurs and companies working together, have earnestly worked to adapt to the new circumstance, aiming to bridge the physical experience of work with the digital one.

Added with a resolution on the horizon in the form of vaccines, coworking businesses all over the world have taken to de-densifying models for their sites. Instead of having ten floors in one location they’ve shifted to having one floor in ten different locations, making sure there is more than adequate space for each individual member. To ensure their clients feel secure a lot of coworking companies have invested in effective ventilation and contactless technology. They’ve also implemented preventive measures such as temperature checks, sanitization and social distancing.

Unlike the international market, the coworking market boomed in Pakistan after the pandemic. Still a relatively new concept, there was a major shift to coworking thanks to its flexibility in both, space and membership. The vast shutting down of businesses due to the pandemic and lockdown, ushered in a new era of innovation, giving rise to an increased number of startups which, by the nature of their work, are attracted to coworking and the convenience that comes with it. Advanced manufacturing and robotics, agricultural technology and new food, blockchain, and artificial intelligence, big data, and analytics were some of the fastest growing startup sub-sectors. To accommodate them, Pakistani coworking spaces rushed to implement preventive and health measures varying from providing each client with more space to maintain adequate distancing to temperature checks at the welcome mat.

daftarkhwan, a key contender in the coworking industry in Pakistan, has equipped itself with a remarkable strategy to counter any setbacks caused by the pandemic. Access is only granted to any site in three different cities after a temperature check. A sanitizer bottle graces every work station, with regular sanitization. daftarkhwan’s spacious coworking hall and considerate membership packages that allow a member to choose their own work time help de-densify the working space. Additionally each cubicle is secured by plexiglass, reducing the risk of the virus spreading. Our satellite offices help maintain the remote working model so many companies have shifted to, giving countless members an official address for their businesses even if they choose to work from home.

We understand the most attractive feature of a coworking space is the community it fosters. daftarkhwan has gone a step further and shifted networking events online in order to avoid commonplace afflictions like burnout during the pandemic. insights and fireside sessions give an exclusive look into our super community and their expertise, from the trailblazing Jehan Ara to game changers like Dr. Amjad Saqib. But that’s not all. Whether it’s bonding over readings and musical acts or taking the first step towards your dreams through events like VC Exchange, powered by Amazon Web Services, daftarkhwan enables its community to flourish online.

Check out our offices to further explore how daftarkhwan is effectively handling the pandemic.


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