8 services at every daftarkhwan

8 services at every daftarkhwan

July 13, 2021

beyond your standard nine-to-five

daftarkhwan has grown thanks to and with, its community of daring entrepreneurs, startups and enterprising companies, delivering high-end agile workplaces, suited to the evolving needs of the modern day.

We at daftarkhwan understand that space is essential. It determines your productivity, drive and attitude when faced with challenges. daftarkhwan gives you a space that enables development, encourages engagement and inspires innovation – allowing you space to grow.

No matter what your business needs, here’s what we can promise at every daftarkhwan site, when you step into our space.

1. 24 Hour Access

Inspiration doesn’t follow a time schedule which is why daftarkhwan opens its doors to members beyond your standard nine-to-five. VogueVantage and North allow members 12 hour access to our vibrant office spaces, flexibly accommodating any individual person to teams of various sizes while Central and One go a step further and extend access to 24 hours a day.

2. Wifi

With a majority of business being conducted online, we understand the need to stay connected. daftarkhwan provides its members with high speed wifi with multi-vendor backups along with IT hardware installation and power backup so you can work undisrupted and continue to grow your empire.

3. Common Space

Fitted with coworking halls and a thriving culture of collaboration with an abundance of private offices, huddle rooms and skype pods, daftarkhwan offers a flexible workplace for everyone. Beyond work stations, all clients have access to state of the art conference rooms and nationwide meeting rooms, easily bookable through our app, making it easy to manage your day at daftarkhwan so you can continue to thrive no matter the occasion.

daftarkhwan is conducive to productivity, but we understand a little unwinding can go a long way. This is why daftarkhwan offers access to a lounge that allows for adrenaline fuelled Tekken tournaments, a space to entertain your friends and coworkers or even some quiet down time to yourself.

4. Facility Management

We want to create a suitable working environment for our members, a part of which, in the face of covid 19 is sanitization. daftarkhwan follows strict SOPs and has thorough housekeeping, preventing contagion and ensuring our offices stay sparkling clean.

But that’s not all. In order to provide our members with the best possible experience, daftarkhwan rigorously maintains its infrastructure and offers both, online and on-site management and administrative support — so all our members can work with ease.

5. Printing

All sites are fitted with professional printing and scanning services for the convenience of your business. Our members can enjoy an interrupted work day and boost their business efficiency

6. Yellow Bar

The Yellow Bar is daftarkhwan’s very own in-house café, stocked with appetizing food and beverages, offering daftarkhwan members with lunch subscriptions and saving you the hassle of arranging your meal.

7. Prime Locations

From the capital of the country to its business hubs in Lahore and Rawalpindi, we have sites across the country. At daftarkhwan we want to feel the rush of change ushering in on the commercial heart of the city, which is why all our sites are in centralised locations, making it easy to access for our members. Our prime locations allow your business to attract top talent, effectively network and impress your clientele.

8. Security

Security is important for every blooming business, which is why we provide members with private lockers and biometric doors complete with attendance logs. In addition all 5 sites offer onsite parking, allowing clients the security and convenience of bringing their own vehicles to work. daftarkhwan also offers 24 hour surveillance in order to ensure the safety of your business and belongings, so you can continue to grow with peace of mind.

Head on over to our website to check out our packages and become part of the supercommunity!

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